The United Kingdom of Britain with the exception of Northern Ireland.

A Study Of An Old British Family

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A mature family tree has many branches.
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- Martha Lomas-Hemphill and Sue Jasinski-Lomas whose collaborative research developed the genealogy of the "Foleshill Lomases"

- Kim Curran, Hamilton, Ontario

- Elsie Davis, Hamilton, Ontario

- Pauline Davis, Hamilton, Ontario

- Janet Overall (Browning), Hamilton, Ontario

- Reverend Father Thomas McGovern, Akron, Ohio

- Paul & Kate Lomas, Calgary, Alberta

- John B. Lomax, Menlo Park, California

- Paul D. Stringer, Washington, D.C.

- & communities/ancestry world tree/Roy and Joan Evans

- Robert Lomas- "Stories"

- Clint Lauricella- The Notes of Sgt. Samuel Loomis

- Lance D. Loomis- The Loomis Families of America

- Terry Bigley- Ancestral Locations

- Rob Orland- Historic Coventry

- A very special thanks to Mr. James W. Petty, AG, CG - a lifetime career genealogist at (1-800-570-4049) for his kind assistance.

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