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Ontario Genealogical Society - Hamilton Branch

Ohio Genealogy - Vital Records

Ohio Data Collections

Access to Archives- Advanced Search

Warwickshire County Record Office

Marriage Index for Foleshill

Coventry Family History Society

Nuneaton and North Warwickshire Family History Society

The Birmingham and Midland Society for Genealogy and Heraldry

Society of Genealogists

Ancestry.ca Message Board (Lomas)

Ancestry.ca Message Board (Lomax)

LOMAS Family Genealogy Forum

LOMAX Family Genealogy Forum

My Life People Search

The Curious Fox

The Lomas and Scuderi Website

Andy Lomas

Lomas Family Website

Chandler and Lomas Family Genealogy

David Lomas Family Tree

Fred Lomas

Foster lomas

Knight & Lomas

Lomas Family in Glossop, Derbyshire

Margaret Lomas

Dr. Marian Lomas and Dr. Joe Lomas

Mark Lomas

Roger Lomas

Steve Lomas

Terry Smith/Lomas

Tom Lomas

Liz Lomax

D. J. Lomax

Team Lomax

Jackie Lomax

Lomax Media

MaxLomax Ltd.

Jameson Lomax

Alan Lomax Archive

Home Page of Mel Lomax

Jerrold E. Lomax, Architect

Lomax Family Photo Album

James Lomax Photography

The Lomax Family

The Lomax family history

The Lomax Family of Great Harwood

The Lomax family from Pennsylvannia

Descendants of William Lomax

Kevin Lomax, Nude Photography

Genealogy of Ray's Connected Families (Lomax)

The Brinnand Family

The Grimshaw Family Origins & History

Lauricella/Dornbirer Research

The Loomis Family

Loomis Chaffee School

The Lummis Family History

Heirlines.com - Professional Genealogists located at Salt Lake City, Utah, which is also the home of the Family History Library of Utah - the largest genealogical library in the world.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Irish Genealogy
Northern Ireland (Ulster) Genealogy

Other Coventry Links

The Coventry Pages

Visit Coventry & Warwickshire

CWN- Coventry & Warwickshire Network website

BBC- Coventry & Warwickshire website

Coventry City Council website

Heart-of-England website

Pictures of Coventry website

Coventry Phoenix website

Coventry Telegraph website

Older People's Information Network website

House of Images website

HPAC - Historic Photographic Archives website

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Pace Family History (Goode Family)

Ancestral Locations - Terry Bigley

Historic Coventry

The Domesday Book Online

Ancestral Villages

Carmen Lomas Garza

Lomas Davies

Lomas Bayas Mine

The Lomax Mine

Island Escapades

The website of Church Lawford

Irish Community Resource Group

An Irish Website


The Ship's Chandler, Wilmington, Vermont

The International Association of Amateur Heralds